Edit Products

This manual shows you how to edit the products you want to sell on HappyLyfe.

  1. Login

Go to

Fill in your username and password provided by HappyLyfe and click “LOG IN” button.

  1. Check products

From the main menu, click “Products” → “Products List”

  1. View all products

All the products will show in this pane.

  1. Edit product details

Click on the product name or the “Edit” link to edit the details of each product.

      • Title: You can edit title of the product here.
      • Product Type: Please DO NOT change the allocated product type.
      • Category: You can change the category of the product here.
      • Photos: You can add pictures of your product here.
      • Description: You can edit your product’s English and Thai descriptions here.
      • Shipping time: You can edit the shipping time here
      • Edit price and discount
        • You can change the price of your product here (NOTE: The price you earn = listed price – 20% HappyLyfe’s commission)
        • You can schedule a promotion (add a discount with specific start and end dates) here.
      • Edit inventory
        • Add product SKUs here
        • Change the product stock status here
        • Add stock quantity here
        • Add a low stock threshold here
        • Allow for backorders here
      • Quick update
        You can also click the “Quick Update” link to make small edits to the product.
      • Check product status
        You can check your product status here. When you edit the product, it will take 24 hours for HappyLyfe to review your changes. Your product will be online after the review is complete.
      • View product online
        You can view how your product will be displayed by clicking the “View” link
      • Delete product
        You can remove your product from HappyLyfe by clicking the “Delete Permanently” link

Check New Orders

This manual shows you how to check for the new orders placed by customers for your products.

  1. Login

Go to

Fill in your username and password provided by HappyLyfe and click “LOG IN” button.

  1. Check order

From the main menu, click “Check Order”

  1. View all orders

All the orders will show in this pane

  1. View details
      • Click on the order number or the eye button to view more details about each order
        • When you click on the order number or eye button, you will be able to view the following details for that order:
          • Order item/s, price, and quantity
        • Billing and shipping address
        • Some general details about the order
      1. Process the order
        • You should change the order status in “General details” to “Processing” if you accept the order.
        • If you do not accept the order, you can select cancel it from the same section. In that case, please also select “Request Refund” from the “Order #” section.
      1. Add shipment details
          • When you ship the order, you can add the shipment details by clicking the “Create New Shipment” button.

      1. Click on the items that will be sent through that shipment
      1. Select the shipping status
      1. We are currently working on our partnership with shipping providers, so, for now, click on “Others” as the “Shipping Provider” and add the tracking details.
      1. Select “Notify shipment details to customer” before clicking on “Create Shipment”.

If you are sending multiple shipments, you can add a different tracking number for each item in the order.

      1. Change order status
        • Once you have shipped the order, change the status in “General Information” to “Completed”, so that your payment can be processed from HappyLyfe
        • You can also change the status of the order from the main “Check Order” page where all orders are listed
      1. Communicate with the customer

If you want to send any details or requests to customer, you can do so by adding notes in the “Order Notes” section

Payment Information

This manual shows you how to withdraw funds from the sale of your products on HappyLyfe.

      1. Login

Go to

Fill in your username and password provided by HappyLyfe and click “LOG IN” button.

      1. Payment Information

Your bank details are already added to your account when you register as a vendor on HappyLyfe. You can view your payment information by clicking “Payments” → “Payment Information”

      1. Withdraw Funds
          • Click “Payments” → “Withdraw”
        • Click “Request withdraw” and fill in the amount you wish to withdraw and submit the request.
        • Your payment request will be visible in this section. The status will change once the payment has been made to the account added in “Payment Information”.
  1. Payment issues
      • Please reach out to us using our contact form for any payment related issues.

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