Terms of Engagement / Terms and condition


  • HappyLyfe team will help setup the shop in the initial stage to avoid any error, also if the vendor needs to add any new product, they must inform the HappyLyfe team who will add the new product. After that, vendor can go to manage the store by themselves. They can check the order, edit product picture’ shipping information, payment page etc. Whereas HappyLyfe promotes & do marketing to help increase sales for stores.
  • The product must meet atlest one of the following sensitivities: Organic, Cruelty-Free/Free Range, Vegan, KETO, Fair Trade, Artisanal.
  • Shipping costs, customers who place an order will be responsible for this. (But if the store can make the shipping cost cheaper will help motivate more orders from customers).
  • Orders of products, customers will pay directly to HappyLyfe and when the products have already reached the customer’s hand, they can press withdraw in the system and the transfer will go to the account that the merchant informs within 7 working days. or every Tuesday, no later than Wednesday. The weekly payment withdraw is subject to change, in that scenario the supplier is notifies for the change from weekly to bi-monthly or monthly.
  • Supplier must ensure that the price of the product on HappyLyfe is the same as on their own platforms (Physical shop /FB Shop, Insta Shop, Line Shop etc.).
  • Product Warranty: (for products that requires warranty): Supplier must mention it clearly in the product information area on each product listing on the website about the guarantee, quality of the product for a period of XXXXXX days from the date buyer received the product.
  • Product Damage: The consignor is responsible for the quality consignment goods. If the product or packaging is found to be damaged or defective, there was a force majeure in the transportation of goods, the product does not meet the quality, the delivered product does not match the purchase order or for any reason caused by the mistake of the consignor. The consignor must accept the return of the merchandise and the correct delivery of the goods after HappyLyfe notifies the consignor within a period of 5 days and if any damage costs arise, the consignor must be responsible for all cases.
  • Changes / Edit of existing products will make the product offline until the HappyLyfe team will review and approve it. The process will take up to 24 Hrs. (Working day) to do so.
  • Suppliers must agree to not sell any illegal products on the website.
  • The same Terms will be uploaded on the vendor interface & supplier must accept the terms in order for the digital confirmation to operate & manage the shop on HappyLyfe as well as to sell their products on Happylyfe platform.


  • If the product is not delivered within 5 working days OR 7 days in total from the date of order than customer is eligible for refund of the payment. In that case if the product is still in delivery transit, the supplier need accept it as undelivered & not charge for it.


  • We will not be responsible for any copyright infringement on our platform. Supplier must take the responsibility of the use of any material, images, videos, content etc. for their products and shop.


  • Payment: The store sends an invoice of the product from the web page price + shipping bill and HappyLyfe will transfer the product fee after deducting agreed commission ​​+ shipping cost according to the bill to the store.
  • HappyLyfe commission: We will be charging a total of 20% commission for HappyLyfe. The payment will be made the following Tue / Wed, once the order is complete in the system and the request payment is submitted. The weekly payment withdraw is subject to change, in that scenario the supplier will be notified for the change from weekly to bi-monthly or monthly.

Please check all the informations before clicking Save Product button. Kindly note that after submitting, HappyLyfe team will take up to 24 hours to review and approve. Until then, your products will not be displayed on the website.

We are taking all the feedbacks and inputs from our vendor partners to improve the system. For any concern and clarification please feel free to contact us.

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